What is your assortment?
U-Plast is the owner of "Stone House", "Hokla", "Timberblock" and "Classic" siding collections. You can view the full assortment in our catalogue.
How can I reach you?
Head office of U-Plast company is located in Minsk, 4 Kazarmennyi lane. We work on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00. Telephone: +375 29 530 96 96. Telephone for foreign customers +7 499 677 67 00
What does your company do?
U-Plast is a manufacturer of next-generation siding and it distinguishes us from other siding manufacturers. Our products are not only certified in Belarus, but also in Russia and even in Europe. You can view detailed information about our company in the “About the company” section.
How to become your partner?
To become a partner of U-Plast you need only send us an email with your bussiness description, links to your website and your contact information". Please, send a business proposal on info@u-plastby.ru
Where can I view photos of finished objects?
You can find a full photo albom of all our siding collections in the Photo Gallery page, where all the images of finished objects are conveniently divided into categories.
What is the next-generation siding and why should I chose it?
Today vinyl siding is the most underestimated material at the market. People prefer such traditional solutions as plaster, stone or wood. Nevertheless, siding has a lot of unique characteristics, which make it stand out among competitors. U-Plast manufactures next-generation siding, which is distinguished by natural textures, natural design, environmental friendliness and safety.

About the company

U-Plast: siding as epitome of perfection in details

Belarusian siding manufacturer – U-Plast – has been offering the customers exceptionally innovative next-generation building materials during its long existence. Our collections are epitome of perfection and beauty, which is an organic continuation of nature itself. We care about high quality and performance characteristics of siding and design unique lines of products.

A bit of history

U-Plast was founded in 2001. During this time a lot of experience and knowledge were obtained, the staff was extended and today U-Plast is a Belarusian factory, which is considered to be one of the largest manufacturers of PVC panels, profiles and vinyl siding of next generation. All the products are made of qigh-quality materials, which allowed the company’s entry into world market – part of the products is exported to the CIS countries, to Europe and to Baltic states.

4 pillars of our success

The following allows us to offer our customers high-quality siding:

  • Equipment supplied by European manufacturers. The whole manufacturing process is performed according to international standards.
  • Raw materials from Europe. High performance characteristics, ecological and durable.
  • Quality control at all technology stages. It allows receiving highly durable products and providing a strict, precise geometry.
  • Experienced and reliable employees. Our main purpose is consumer protection.

Our products provide care about comfort and security

Our products have obtained certificates in Russia and Belarus. They comply with international requirements and regulations, which guarantees the following characteristics:

Hygiene. Forget about fungi, mould, dirty stains and unpleasant odour. Our panels are easy to clean and wash without unpleasant consequences.

Environmental friendliness. No detrimental compounds, which means complete safety for the health of people and for the environment.

Safety. First of all it is expressed in the fact that our siding does not support combustion. It is an important safety aspect of residential and commercial premises.

Humidity resistance. In a damp room as well as in the street siding panels are not deformed and destroyed.

Hypoallergenicity. You can choose PVC panel for finishing in residential premises.

The world likes our siding

The main principle, which is the basis of our line of products, is following natural solutions. And the nature’s language is a universal one. We offer our customers next generation siding with the following characteristics:

  • Natural design completely imitating natural stone, wood, brick.
  • New decorating technologies, which make the surface finish extensional, natural.
  • Available price with unalterably high quality. Yes, we think it is natural. Everyone has a right to build a perfect house of their dreams.

Advantages of siding from U-Plast

Our siding has 3 main advantages:

  • It is available. The price is lower than other building materials with the same (or often lower) characteristics.
  • It is beautiful. The final outcome of finishing looks up-to-date, aesthetic, presentable, we can even say expensive.
  • It is practical. Due to a special way of siding panels production it can be compared to stone what concerns its performance characteristics, although they look like wood and are actually plastic.

A number of characteristics of siding should be mentioned, due to which it has become so popular. And here we need to mention that the material itself:

  1. does not support combustion.
  2. is not toxic.
  3. withstands large temperature differences.
  4. is wear resistant against mechanical stimuli.

All these characteristics prove long lifespan and functionality of the material.

Siding is also ideal in installation. It:

  1. is provided in a wide range of colours. You can create individual solutions and facade design.
  2. is easy to install. The panels are light and have the same size, which makes the cladding easier.
  3. allows walls to breathe.

PVC panels from U-Plast

PVC panels manufactured by us can be used during all kinds of internal works. They are installed on the walls and ceilings in bathrooms, halls, kitchens. The material is easily cleaned and washed, which allows maintaining its original looks. PVC (polyvinylchloride) panels are characterized by simple installation, which is convenient if you do the repairs by yourself. Also, their net cost is 30-40% cheaper than tile or other materials, which can be used for rooms finishing and buildings facades. A wide range of colours allows creating any design solutions.

U-Plast – siding for good life

Siding manufactured by us is distinguished by unique surface finish and colours. It is made according to approved regulations and standards, which allows calling it a reliable material.

Every year our company introduces a new siding design collection to the market. And everyone has a possibility to choose a suitable material out of a wide range of surface finish and colours, which allows making their houses unique and modern. Our material helps creating a place for life, giving warmth and coziness.

You can view our collections in the catalogue.
We are always ready to answer all your questions by the phone or using a feedback form at the bottom of the page.

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