NEW PRODUCT! A new item in Stone House series – Quartzite collection!



U-Plast presents one more novelty of the year 2020 – facade panels of Stone House series, Quartzite collection. Natural quartzite is one of the most expensive finishing materials. Stone House facade panels are an excellent replacement of natural stone with available price. The novelty is done in six rows consisting of neat blocks with textured surface. Quartzite collection is presented in 4 colours: light grey quartzite, light beige quartzite, dark beige quartzite and brown quartzite. During installation with one another the panels are connected with a special mortise and tenon jointing, which allows saving up to 10% of material with the correct installation. The size of one bar is 2000 mm x 250 mm. Everyone who wishes to do so can transport all panels by their car and gather their own facade as a building set without any help. The accessories to this collection repeat the surface finish of the panels. The lucky owner of the Stone House Quartzite novelty will receive a neat, modern - and the most important – seamless facade without usage of joining strips. And absence of additional accessories is a pleasant economy of family budget. You can buy Stone House Quartzite facade panels in the online shop of the company or from official dealers.

Published by: 16 Jul 2020 в 18:26

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